Painted Glass Services the home of glass splashbacks. The most specialised and experienced design teams working in the country, we’re excited to share with you that we are confident in that we are able to match any splashback colour enabling you to have all styles of glass splashbacks that each one designed and manufactured in house by our professional team of specialists 

Why Glass?

  • Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Offer Perfect Colour Match
  • Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Look Modern and Attractive
  • Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Are More Durable
  • Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Are Easier to Clean

Toughened Glass Splashback at Painted Glass Services.

Toughening glass becomes heat, scratch and impact resistant that is suitable for the day to day living of the average family kitchen making it safer, cleaner and more durable and having full processing capabilities mean the glass can be cut out for plug sockets switches, sinks, cupboards etc.

Why Glass Splashbacks Are a Great Choice

  • Glass offers anti-bacterial protection for your kitchen surfaces.
  • Glass is easy to clean using domestic cleaning products and it has a natural shine.
  • Glass is tough! Its guaranteed heat and impact resistance, equivalent to safety glass, means a surface you can depend on. Glass is flexible – it can be cut to fit the most awkward of layouts, it looks great, and it comes in a range of colours that make it a design enhancement for any kitchen.

Typically used for:

  • Feature Walls, Shower Walls & Splash-Backs
  • Worktops, Table Tops & Window Sills
  • Domestic, Commercial & Retail applications

Shaped glass splashbacks

When manufacturing the glass a CNC is able to shape our glass to fit many cooker hood models and various other shapes. If your model is not on the list get in touch and I'm sure we can arrange that. When measuring for a shaped cooker hood please measure from the centre of the cooker hood to the worktop (minus 3mm for expansion). As every cooker hood model differs we need a common reference point to manufacture so in this instance we have taken the middle, this is seldom the highest point.

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If you require anything above theses sizes please contact us as we still would love to help! 

Please remember that colour of paint changes through the colour of glass.