At Painted Glass Services we aim to please our customers by supplying and installing a stunning range of mirrors for domestic and commercial use. Commercially, mirrored tiles in various areas are very popular in clubs, bars, shops and offices. They also offer endless possibilities for home interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms,

Dance Studio & Gym Mirrors Supplied to the highest Class A impact resistance, these mirrors has been specifically developed for large scale applications.

Demisting Mirrors Using the “Clear Reflections” demisting system, Medina Glass can provide specialist demisting mirrors for hotels, flats, apartments and housing developments.

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Mirrored walls create a feeling of light and space especially in areas such as dark niches and hallways. We offer a variety of different colours including:

  • Regular
  • Low Iron
  • Grey
  • Bronze
  • Peach

Due to its environmentally-friendly copper and lead-free characteristics, our made to measure mirrors can be utilised across a wide variety of buildings and applications including walls, partitions, doors, displays, ceilings, cupboards, wardrobes and other furniture.

Mirrors not  only give the illusion of making the room look extremely bigger but it also makes it suitable for the day to day living making it safer, cleaner and more durable where it is used.

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