Bathroom Splashbacks

Bathroom Splashbacks

For the shower

Safety Glass is an ideal product to cover the walls in a shower or behind the bath, it is impermeable to water and you can have any colour of your choice to compliment your colour-scheme. Just think - there are no grout lines to go mouldy, or crack and let water through. We can make the glass with holes and cut outs to take wires, pipes and controls as well as drilled to take the shower screen. It is easily cleaned and can be treated with a surface treatment to make it self cleaning. The only seals are down the corner and around the bottom onto the tray. So leaks can be a thing of the past.

Shower screens

Glass shower screens not only look great and modern in your bathroom but it offers far greater protection than a shower curtain, especially if you are installing a power shower.

We stock different ranges of frameless and semi-frameless shower screens to suit your needs, all of which are guaranteed to leave you speechless. A frameless or semi-frameless shower screen is a show piece in any bathroom, adding enormous value and beauty.

At Painted Glass Services we make shower glass screens that meet all your needs considering the size and shape of your shower.

Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.

To view our standard size splashbacks, click here.

For the Toilet

Behind the toilet is an ideal place for glass, the waste pipes and flush can be cut into the glass. No more nasty stains behind the toilet and smells. An impermeable surface that can be wiped clean in seconds. You can use bleach or cleaners without damaging the surface and to ensure it is clean.

For the Hand basin

No more soapy splash marks on the wall and it adds a splash of colour to your bathroom. Easy to clean and very hard wearing, it will last for years and years.

Size Glass thickness Colour
600 x 600 6mm All colours
600 x 700 6mm All colours
600 x 750 6mm All colours
700 x 700 6mm All colours
700 x 750 6mm All colours
900 x 700 6mm All colours
900 x 750 6mm All colours
1100 x 750 6mm All colours
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